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Listen to ‘Gotta Get Back’ by Beth Macari

 April 13, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Singer Beth Macari is back with a new single. It is called Gotta Get Back, and she describes it as "a deep dive into 90’s Soul and R&B."

“Gotta Get Back” is the first of many songs that Beth penned during lockdown and see’s Beth working solely ‘in-house’ with her long time band member and collaborator Phil The Beat, working on music from home and meeting at their studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne when lockdown restrictions allowed. The limitations of working through the COVID-19 lockdown presented the pair with an opportunity to be more creative and work away from outside influences in the industry.

“It’s been both scary and exciting, I feel like I’ve always thought I’m not good enough to create something in full and be proud of it without us having to get other people to tweak it and make it better, so it was rewarding to prove myself wrong. I loved really taking my time with it and working with my best friend.”

Check it out below.

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