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Listen To “Dreaming of You” by Ryan La Valette

 August 23, 2018

By  ExoticDJ

Ryan La Valette is a 22 year old guitarist from Auckland, New Zealand with 20 years experience in making music.  At the age of two, Ryan found himself with a guitar in his hands and by the age of four, was determined to put on a musical performance for his family, thus finding his feet in music at a very young age.
Ryan is a multi-talented musician with a passion for playing the guitar and saxophone; however, he also has the ability to play the bass guitar and piano/keys.  Ryan has a distinct passion for Jazz, yet his capability to play a wide range of genres is unending.
This track is called Dreaming of You and it features saxman Donald Hayes.

You can check out the album Saturated Smooth on your favorite streaming service.

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