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Listen to ‘California Love’ by DW3

 February 14, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

DW3's new self-titled album is chock full of instant classics. Because of this, it's a challenge to find a single entry point that perfectly captures the old school funky, R&B, jazz and Latin fired energy stirred up by the party band turned studio masters Eric and Billy Mondragon and Damon Reel. Finding the one with the most compelling blend of groove intensity, vocal harmony magic and on point message for our times is a bit easier. Hands down, it's the thumping, dance floor ready, GAP Band influenced ode to their home state, "California Love."  


The track is co-written by and featuring the snazzy old school keyboard licks and soloing of Greg Manning. The tune is, on the surface, a buoyant, enthusiastic love letter to The Golden State - where we can "Take a walk along the Golden Gate," where "it's always grooving" and "Everybody's moving." Beyond those sentiments, the deeper essence of the song's lyrics (by Manning, Lisa Summerour and DW3) is that California is a place where people of all races and backgrounds are welcome and can ideally co-exist beautifully with one another.

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