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Listen to ‘All Mine’ By Ralph Tresvant

 July 3, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

In 1979 when junior high school friends from the Roxbury section of Boston Ralph TresvantBobby BrownRickey Bell, and Michael Bivens joined forces to perform at a talent show little did they know the union would eventually lead to the legendary R&B group New Edition.  Once established Ralph quickly became the stand out vocalist for the group as the lead singer on their biggest hits "Cool It Now", "Mr. Telephone Man", and "Candy Girl".  

After selling millions of records as a member of New Edition, Ralph's self-titled solo debut album released in 1990 sold over 2 millions copies and spawned the hit single "Sensitivity".  

On his new single, "All Mine", Ralph is joined by fellow New Edition alum Johnny Gill.  After a similar partnership resulted in the 2019 hit "Perfect" from Johnny's album Game Changer II, the old friends decided to team up again with Ralph taking the lead this time. With production from Gregg Pagani, "All Mine" is as cool and comfortable as any song ever recorded by either artist.    

Ralph Tresvant sums it up best, "All Mine" to me is a statement record.  Its a grown folks record that says good R&B music executed properly always has a place in the music industry.  It also show that addressing the subject of love never gets old!"

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