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LA Reid & Babyface The Mid-Tempo Mix

 June 27, 2017

By  ExoticDJ

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Las Vegas (June 27, 2017) – Exotic DJ is back with the follow up to the popular LA Reid & Babyface mixtape.  This edition continues where the first part left off, speeding up the tempo as the mix progresses.  “Like al of my mixes, I like to start out slow and speed it up a little.”

The mix features some of the usual suspects, such as Bobby Brown and Pebbles, but is also features a few artists that were not in the last edition.

It starts out with Good Enough by Bobby Brown.  It comes off the Bobby album, and even though the track is not one of the core songs you think of when you hear Brown’s name, it is still a nice slow groove.  En Vogue is up next with Whatever.  A Babyface production with the angelic voices of En Vogue?  I am just disappointed that they did not collaborate more.

A Babyface discovery…well actually his ex-wife Tracey discovered him, is Jon B, and he is here with Pretty Girl.   Jon has an unsung episode out that is very interesting.  You can see the episode here.

One of the best slow jams ever, received an update, and it is very different from the original.  For The Lover In You, the Shalamar classic, received a remodel, and LL Cool J joins Babyface on the track.  The original members of Shalamar also make an appearance, and this is the last time you hear these three together on wax.

Is there a better mid tempo song than Can’t Stop?  Well, if there is, I cannot think of one.  This is classic After 7, and this is a track that stands the test of time.  That Kevon can SANG, right?

A more recent track by Babyface, Something Bout You, is up next.  This is off the Return Of The Tender Lover album.  The album if full of great smooth tracks, so if you have not heard it, get to it ASAP!

Bobby Brown is up again with one of those funky ones.  On Our Own is from the Ghostbusters II Soundtrack, and it has always been a favorite.

Here’s one that you probably didn’t know was a Babyface production.  Ariana Grande’s debut single, Baby I.  She is a great singer and it was a smart move to have a Babyface song as her introduction to the music world.

You can check out a performance with these two artists here.

Pebbles is next with Giving You The Benefit.  The drums are especially powerful, and you now LA Reid took care of that!

One of the first acts to sign with the LaFace record label was Damian Dame.  Exclusivity is a song that you may have forgot about, but as soon as you hear it again, you know what’s up.  Big things were about to happen for this duo, but tragically, but Damian and Dia Dame both died tragically, Dia in an auto accident and Damian from colon cancer.

The Jacksons are up next, and Nothin’ (That Compares 2U) is one that I know you forgot about.  Another great track from the 2300 Jackson Street album.

The man that they call Skillz is up next.  Johnny Gill gives us Fairweather Friend, and his vocal skills are second to none.

Believe it or not, this next song is a favorite of mine.  Sheena Easton…..that’s right, Sheena Easton is next with Days Like This.  This is off The Lover In Me album.  You can also check out Follow My Rainbow off this album.

The Mac Band is up next, with Roses Are Red.  Did you know that Roses was originally meant for The Whispers?  Now that you think about it, that totally makes sense, right?

Finally, we have Secret Rendezvous by Karyn White.  Man, she had some nice tracks.  One more Babyface produced album would have sent her over the top, but unfortunately, it did not happen.


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