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Kenny Lattimore Album ‘Here To Stay’ out Now

 December 3, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

"HERE TO STAY", is Kenny's 10th studio album and is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Earlier this summer, Kenny released the first single off the album, "PRESSURE", to rave reviews. "PRESSURE" was produced by Bizness BoiFWDSLXSH and Blake Straus and co-produced by Madicin. "Pressure was a song that I knew instantly that I wanted to record after hearing its infectious bass line, atmospheric guitars and haunting background vocals," mentions Kenny Lattimore.

Another release from the album includes the smash and new fan-favorite, "LOSE YOU". "LOSE YOU" was written by Drak-Kar WesleyAaron W. LindseyKennedy A. LindseyJuan Najera and Ivan Lattimoreand produced by Drak-Kar "Madicin" Wesley, Aaron W. Lindsey, Kennedy A. Lindsey and Natural. "This song stretched me as an artist to perform in a contemporary style that I had not before," mentions Kenny. "I am very proud of the outcome," he adds.

The latest single to be released from the album is the mid-tempo, "ONLY GIRL". "ONLY GIRL" was produced and co-written by Darren “Champ” Jenkins and co-written by DeCarlos Waller. "Only Girl, is a song that I have loved from the moment I first listen to it and held on to it for a year and a half to record," shares Kenny. "The message is all about the small details that make relationships work," he adds. "The Producer is Darren "Champ" Jenkins, the son of J. Dibbs who produced my demo for my first solo record deal and went on to produce (2) songs on my Columbia Records debut album, "Kenny Lattimore". It's quite a full circle moment.

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