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‘Juicy Smile’ by U-Nam – LISTEN

 October 25, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

“Juicy Smile” is the hot new single from Multi Instrumentalist, Billboard Chart-Topper, Multi-Platinum Producer and Trendsetter, Emmanuel “U-Nam” Abiteboul and is the kind of track to underscore the fact that here is an artist at the very top of his creative game.  

Indeed with an approach that is both innovative and daring he has been consistently fearless in the way he routinely shakes the world of smooth jazz to its core and with “Juicy Smile”U-Nam has the perfect platform from which to show off his myriad of talents.

As well as writing, producing, arranging and mixing throughout, U-Nam also plays lead and rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards and drums.  
In addition, his production know-how finds a place for Larry Salzmann on percussion and a powerhouse live horn section that comes courtesy of Christian Martinez on trumpet and Joabe Reis on trombone.

The combination delivers a thumping dance floor filler that, as well as sounding brand new, is cram packed with old school attitude.

Certainly “Juicy Smile” is the perfect way to invigorate even the most tired of dancing feet and given it will go for adds on October 25, just two days before U-Nam’s birthday, there is much to smile about.  

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