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Jonny Zywiciel Time To Heal

 October 10, 2016

By  Exotic DJ


Jonny Zywiciel Time To Heal

The Christmas season will be upon us in no time, and we have a track that encompasses the spirit of giving.  Jonny Zywiciel Time To Heal is a track that is benefitting the Amy Winehouse Foundation.  Their mission is to support and empower disadvantaged and at-risk children and young adults through music therapy and music education.

Along with singing lead and playing his endorsed HP Guitars France electric guitars, Zywiciel added acoustic guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes, synth and percussion to “Onward & Upward,” and produced the session with bassist Connor Newkirk and Aaron Hellam. They were joined in the studio by drummer-backing vocalist Gaitan Gonzales. A multi-city concert trek throughout California is planned to kick off later this month tied to the album’s promotion.

“I experienced many great times as well as multiple hardships while writing this record, but these songs became necessary outlets for both my pains and my pleasures. I remember the first four months after moving to Berkeley – where the majority of the record was written – and having to sell a bunch of music gear and play my guitar on the street to make enough money for rent. I fell into heavy debt for a while after quitting my steady serving job to pursue music full time, but I eventually booked enough regular gigs to pay it off and start saving again. The struggle made me extremely thankful for music and for my relationships with the people I love. I want listeners to feel that moving on, healing, and finding love again are all possible, even in one’s darkest times,” said Zywiciel, who plays weekly residences in San Francisco and Sausalito.


You can get the download here, and donate whatever you wish.

Here are some west coast dates where you can see Jonny perform live.

October 15                          San Luis Obispo, CA                        Tap It Brewing Company

October 28                          Santa Cruz, CA                                 Rosie McCann’s

October 29                          Monterey, CA                                   Cannery Row Brewing Company

November 2                       Anaheim, CA                                      The Fifth

November 4                       San Diego, CA                                    Hard Rock Café

November 6                       Los Angeles, CA                                 Hotel Café

December 3                       San Francisco, CA                             Boom Boom Room

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