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Jeffrey Osborne Tour Dates 2019

 January 6, 2019

By  ExoticDJ

Did you realize that Jeffrey Osborne has been on the scene for five decades? When someone has been doing something…..ANYTHING for a half-century, you have to give props.

His first love was the drums, but I know all of us are glad he stepped in front of the mic as he joined L.T.D. in the early 1970’s.

Fun fact: They song Love Ballad was originally meant for Earth Wind & Fire, but they passed. The song ended up going to the correct artist, as I do not see the elements singing Love Ballad.


Man…In about 200 years, they will STILL play this song. Talk about a classic!

For me, one of his more underrated songs is Plane Love.

You really cannot beat I Really Don’t Need No Light. Because the song is so good, I will forgive the grammar…..

I know you forgot about those..

The legendary crooner will perform throughout the year, so get out there and enjoy the slow!

Jeffrey Osborne Tour Dates 2019

Tickets are not available for some of the shows, but we will keep the purchase links up to date.

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