​​​​Smooth Jazz In The Mix 4

This installment:  Smooth Jazz In The Mix 4

Smooth Jazz In The Mix 4 is the next installment of the Smooth Jazz series!  It is definitely the funkiest of the mix series. This volume is Sax heavy…..I did not plan it that way, but if you like your horn players, this is the one for you. Like all of my creations, it starts off a little downtempo, then speeds up as we progress.
We have two from Candy Dulfer, one of the best sax players out there.  I liked the intro for this song, and I thought it would be perfect to lead off this mix.  Jeff Kashiwa makes his first appearance in the mix.  He actually appears twice, with the other as a part of the ensemble The Sax Pack.  Richard Elliot, Boney James and Mindi Abair also have offerings in this issue.  I just love their style.  We also have a remix of “Havana” from perhaps the most well known horn player, the incomprable Kenny G.  We still have some piano with Brian Culbertson, and guitar with the master George Benson, Peter White and Jonathan Butler.

A while back I picked up a compilation CD called Jazz Lounge 2.  The album features some latin grooves, as well as some classic jazz tracks by artists such as Mocean Worker and De-Phazz.  There is also an acid jazz vibe, and it reminds me of lounging in a small, smokey jazz club, just taking in the whole scene.  This is where I heard the Barrio Jazz Gang for the first time.  They are considered Nu Jazz, but this track really fits within the framework of this mix, as it concludes with an uptempo club vibe.  Hot Jacket is the type of track that can be play in any type of lounge.

Enjoy Smooth Jazz In The Mix 4


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