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J3 ‘Vibe Cleanse’ – WATCH

 May 10, 2022

By  ExoticDJ

“‘Vibe Cleanse’ was originally a social media challenge by Cory Wong and Jon Batiste, basically to create a simple beat/jam with your friends online. Myself and a friend did the challenge and then nominated Brandon Rose to do it. Brandon got together with Jamie and Jaden and they did the challenge. 

- Justin-Lee Schultz

“We all just decided to flip it another way and throw it on this record! The inspired message of this song as the chorus says, ‘we need to cleanse our souls,’ is basically a friendly reminder to not hold on to bad things. 2020 for all of us, is a great example of something to ‘cleanse our souls’ of and move on from.” 

 -Jaden Baker

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