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‘I Want’a Do Something Freaky to You’ by Jef Kearns – LISTEN

 October 22, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Our friend Jef Kearns is back with another hit. It is called I Want'a Do Something Freaky to You, and the vocals are performed by Alana Bridgewater. It is a modern take of the Leon Haywood classic. 

“Like many, I knew this song growing up as Dr. Dre's sample on 'Nothing But a G Thang' but I recently dug deeper on the source material,” Kearns says.

Check it out below.

Jef's flute performance seers with sexiness and serves as lightning to vocalist Alana Bridgewater's (Toronto's production of We Will Rock You) thunderous amount of soul.

Jef enlisted the production genius of long term collaborator Douglas Romanow who threw a nod at the original with vintage keyboards from the 70s era but also drew from every era since with elements such as real vinyl scratching, live bass and a 90s inspired groove with modern production sounds.

Mastering by Grammy Award winner Randy Merrill (Silk Sonic's Leave the Door Open) further elevates the track.

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