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Hannah Horton ‘Inside Out’ is Out Now

 September 27, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Newcomer Hannah Horton has a new release called Inside Out. This is some straight ahead jazz, but it has an infusion of funk, so you may want to take a listen to the music.

Her band is a quartet that includes Hannah on baritone and tenor saxophone, John Crawford on piano, Rob Statham on electric bass and Nic France on drums and percussion.

This is how Hanna explains the album: “It’s about human emotion, trauma, exultation and more, and my response to these. It is a reflection that throughout life we grow, we as humans build resilience and how time teaches us confidence, inner strength and acceptance.”

The funk is real, and it is evident on the opening track Keep Walking. You can tell that the band has an edge to them, and that they enjoy playing together.

Nardis is one of the Standards that the band recorded, and it is really hip, but timeless at the same time. This is some straight Supperclub stuff right there.

Inside Out contains ten tracks, five originals and five remakes. The UK based band will peak some interest due to their musicianship and styling. 

The album is available now, and you can stream through your favorite platform.

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