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Gulf Coast Summer Fest Jazz 2021

 April 16, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Florida is starting to book some shows, and the Gulf Coast Summer Fest Jazz Edition will be celebrating their 5th anniversary this year. 

The event will be happening September 4th-5th in Florida at the Pensacola Community Maritime Park

They will have a star-studded lineup:

  • Eric Darius
  • Norman Brown
  • Lindsey Webster 
  • Gerald Albright
  • Althea Rene
  • Elan Trotman
  • Peter White
  • Riley Richard
  • Cindy Bradley
  • Paula Atherton
  • Jeff Lorber
  • Euge Groove
  • Alex Bugnon
  • Doc Powell
  • Vincent Ingala
  • Lin Rountree

There are single-day and two day ticket options.

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