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Groovy People by Lynne Fiddmont

 September 1, 2016

By  Exotic DJ

Groovy People - Lynne Fiddmont

Groovy People by Lynne Fiddmont

I received the link to this song in my inbox the other day, and I must say that I think it is a winner!!

Groovy People is a track by Lynne Fiddmont, an artist that has been flying under the radar for a few years.  When I say “under the radar,” I mean to the public at large.  The music industry people know exactly who she is.  Lynne has worked with Babyface, Kenny Logins, Michael Jackson and Patti Austin, just to name a few.

This remake of the Gamble & Huff tune is a breath of fresh air within today’s landscape of music.  It is like a dual threat….What I mean by this, is that it is definitely a song for the Steppers, but it also has the Natalie Cole; This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) vibe to it.

The video is also perfect for the song.  It is a simple video, with regular folks just enjoying the music.

What a concept, right?

Check it out and let us know what you think.

We will try to get the album and post a full review for you.

If you are in Washington DC, toy can see her at Blues Alley.

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  1. Any idea where we might be able to find the lead sheet for this arrangement? I’ve been trying to find it to perform her rendition. Love her!

  2. Unfortunately I do not. There is one person I can ask. I will let you know if they can get it.

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