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Gregory Porter Seven Day Viewing of ‘Live in Berlin’ on YouTube

 July 20, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

International best-selling artist Gregory Porter, in partnership with Eagle Rock, announces that he will make his sold-out 2016 performance at Berlin’s Philharmonic as a thank you to his fans. It will be viewable for seven days, launching Monday, July 20th.

The new online concert offers an alternative to his cancelled Berlin show, which was due to take place on July 18, 2020, as part of his European tour.

 The film captures a phenomenal concert that includes signature songs such as Holding On, Liquid Spirit, Hey Laura, Take Me To The Alley, Be Good (Lion’s Song), Water Under Bridges, 1960 What?, Don’t Lose Your Steam and more. With minimal staging, simple lighting and the audience on all sides, the focus is totally on the music allowing Gregory Porter’s sublime voice to bring out the light and shade in his songs. “Live In Berlin” is an absolute treat for any Gregory Porter fan.

 Gregory has brought jazz back to the top of the charts and back to the masses. He brings his soulful voice and uplifting, exuberant personality to everyone in a time when it is truly needed.

 The line-up of the band performing on “Live In Berlin” is Gregory Porter (vocals); Chip Crawford (piano); Jahmal Nichols (double bass); Emanuel Harrold (drums); Tivon Pennicott (tenor saxophone).


1) Holding On

2) On My Way To Harlem / What’s Going On

3) Take Me To The Alley

4) Don’t Lose Your Steam

5) Hey Laura

6) Liquid Spirit

7) Consequence Of Love

8) Bass Solo / Papa Was A Rolling Stone

9) Musical Genocide

10) Don’t Be A Fool

11) Work Song / Drum Solo

12) In Fashion

13) Be Good (Lion’s Song)

14) 1960 What?

15) Water Under Bridges

16) Free / Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

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