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George Benson ‘Turn Your Love Around’ Live

 November 15, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

As an all-time icon and Grammy-winning giant of Jazz, we have grown used to seeing George Benson on the stages that befit his sky-high status. During a 6-decade career marked by awards acclaim and Billboard-topping output, the Pittsburgh born veteran has earned his place in both the history books and the biggest venues around the world. So it's a rare treat - and a whole different thrill - to find this megastar going nose-to-nose with the breathless 250-capacity crowd at London's most prestigious bolthole. "I like that kind of intimacy", says Benson of his flying visit to Ronnie Scott's jazz club, captured on the year's electrifying new live album, Weekend In London. "I can feel the love when it's up close and personal."

Check out the classic, Turn Your Love Around, the live version.

Weekend In London brings Benson full circle. This seasoned performed estimates that almost a half-century has passed since he first played at the fabled Soho club. 

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