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Euge Groove Still Euge Review

 July 25, 2016

By  Exotic DJ

Euge 3

Euge Groove Still Euge Album Review


Whenever a Euge Groove album is released, you know there will be some funky, melodic grooves for the listener to enjoy.  Still Euge continues where Got 2 Be Groovin’ left off.  This is the 10th album release from this talented artist.

We described his background in an earlier post, so let’s just get to some of the highlights!

When it is time to construct an album, the song order is important, as you will need to set the tone and the flow for the album.  The opening track is the first impression.  As they say, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”  Twelfth Night is the perfect opening song for this album, as is eases you into the melodic grooves that are to come.  It is a classic to mid-tempo groove.  I personally would have made this the first single.


Still Euge, the title track, is the opening single, and it has been steadily climbing the charts.  As of this writing, it just made the top spot on all of the Smooth Jazz charts.  It has a throwback style, taking you back to the Stax Records days.  The soulful sounds of the south.  The sounds that have filled the airwaves on countless BBQ cookouts with family and friends.

Euge’s style has a heavy R&B feel, and Much Love is an R&B track that features vocalist Rahsaan Patterson. One thing about Rahsaan is that his background vocal work is stellar.  The arrangement for the hook is second to none, and Patterson’s style fits quite nicely with Euge’s sax.  Often times when Jazz artists have guest vocalists, their instrument gets lost in the song.  Thankfully, this does not happen here.  They work off of each other throughout, and Mr. Groove performs the ad libs at the conclusion of the song.

When you listen to any album, you can probably tell which songs will sound great when they are played live on stage.  Let’s Chill is definitely that song.  You can tell that the musicians are holding back just a little, but when this is live, I am sure they burn it out.  You will know what I am talking about once you hear it.

And I Thank You is one of those songs that make you reflect on specific parts of your like.  I found myself looking out of the window, just recalling certain memories.  It is amazing how certain songs can do that for you.  This is a song you will absolutely remember after listening to the album.

Oleta Adams makes an appearance on the track, Flower.  She is one of those vocalists that can transition into any genre of music.  Jazz music really suits her, and you will hear it in the song.  She does not get a lot of the popular acclaim, but the music people hold her in high esteem.  After all, she has been active in the music biz since 1980.  You NEED to be great to last that long.

Overall, Still Euge is a strong offering.  This is an album that you will enjoy, and this collection is a nice addition to the Euge Groove catalog!

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