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Euge Groove Announces ‘Sing My Song’ for June 26

 May 14, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

The New Album Is Due Out On June 26th Features Guest Appearances From Maysa, Peter White, Paul Brown & Phillipe Saisse & Others!

“These times have unleashed a creativity in me that I haven’t felt in years. I think it’s been a time of self re-evaluation. A cleaning of the house so to speak,” confides Euge Groove, who has been first call for everyone from Tina Turner, Richard Marx and Joe Cocker to Tower of Power and Huey Lewis. The chart-topping saxophonist, composer and producer who has scored close to a dozen #1 hits, will release his 12th recording as a leader, Sing My Song, on June 26, 2020.

EugThe first track, Dirty Dozen, gives up the slunky (slow but funky) groove we have come to know and love.e Groove 'Sing My Song' for June 26

“I started work on the album about two and a half years ago. I definitely put everything I had in to it. I had been touring non- stop over the last few years and just found it hard to find the time to dig in without distractions,” says Euge. “Along comes Covid-19 and all I have is time. Ever since we went into Lockdown in LA in mid March, I worked nonstop, literally, on finishing the project. Working sometimes 24-hour days. It really wasn’t until after I finished last week that the seriousness of the world’s situation sunk in. I’ve decided to continue on that creative path.”

The first track, Dirty Dozen, gives up the slunky (slow but funky) groove we have come to know and love.

Euge Groove’s unleashed ambition and intention has resulted in an inspired 11-track excursion that is his finest work yet. Surrounded by a cadre of some of the most revered artists on the Contemporary Jazz scene, including Maysa, Peter White, Phillipe Saisse and Paul Brown among others, the camaraderie on Sing My Song transcends the music. “I love these guys. I think of them as friends more than just musicians, even though I love their work. They all brought so much to the table.”

With the release of Sing My Song, Euge Groove hopes the music will connect with his fans.

He concludes, “They call turning in an album to the record label ‘delivery’ for a reason! Each of these songs are like children to me. There is so much time and focus put into each one. I hope the music touches people and they will hear this and feel this labor of love.”

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