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Earth Wind & Fire Summer Tour 2017

 May 10, 2017

By  ExoticDJ

This summer is shaping up to be a winner if you like attending live concerts.  Earth Wind & Fire Summer Tour 2017 was just announced, and they will be touring with a special guest.

So, what is your favorite EWF song?  For most people it can be a difficult question to answer.  I mean, they have more than 20 albums, so there are plenty of tracks to choose from.  You can go for the commercial hits, such as September, Shining Star, Let’s Groove.  If you like the slow jams, then Reasons, After The Love Is Gone, or Can’t Hide Love may be close to your heart.  There are also several songs that did not get a lot of radio play that are still quality songs.  A couple of these that resonate with me are Thinking Of You and Wanna Be With You.

I especially like the 12″ single of Thinking Of You.  You see, the extended versions from the 80’s and 90’s were constructed where the instrumental parts were featured, and when you can hear those isolated instruments, it gives you a better appreciation of the song as a whole.  Take a listen to understand what I am talking about.

Actually, my two favorite EWF songs are Fantasy and Boogie Wonderland.  To me, Fantasy is an all time great track.  There’s no other groove like it, and Philip Bailey‘s performance is unmistakable.  Definitely an all time great.  I like Boogie Wonderland for a totally different reason….The vocal arrangement.  The way Maurice White scats his way through the verses is pure gold.  Oh, and The Emotions also sing on it….I almost forgot…….

 The band has been together since 1970, and over the years their stage shows were second to none, with the costumes and of course, that horn section.  The horn section was essentially it’s own entity.  There used to be debates on who had the best horns in the 70’s and 80’s.  It was always a three horse race.  EWF, Chicago, and Tower of Power.  These bands were always at the top of the discussion.

EWF and Chicago have toured together several times over the years.  Remember, it is all about the horns.

Here is In The Stone from 2004:

Speaking of powerhouse tours, EWF will be teaming up with Nile Rodgers for a tour that will run through the summer.  We all know Nile and Bernard Edwards from their Chic days, but Mr. Rodgers was involved in many classics for other artists.  Where do I start?  As I am writing this, the first songs that came to mind were Upside Down by Diana Ross and the Sister Sledge track, We Are Family.  

Rodgers was also instrumental in the 80’s music scene, producing Let’s Dance by David Bowie, worked with Duran Duran, and produced the iconic Madonna track, Like A Virgin.  In fact, the entire Chic band contributed to the Like A Virgin album.

More recently, Rodgers co-wrote and played guitar on the modern classic, Get Lucky by Daft Punk.  One listen and you can hear those unmistakeable guitar riffs.

They are calling it 2054 the tour, and it kicks off July 12th in Oakland, CA.

See ticket options for the 2054 tour

2054 Tour

EWF will also be involved in two music festivals this summer.  They are called the Classic West, and the Classic East that will also take place in July.

Classic West –  Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, on July 15th-16th.

Classic East – Citi Field in Flushing, NY, on July 29th-30th.

Here are the dates for EWF:


Sunday, July 16th – Los Angeles

  • Earth Wind & Fire
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Journey




Sunday, July 30th – New York

  • Earth Wind & Fire
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Journey



Here is the complete show information – If you are interested:



Earth Wind & Fire Summer Tour 2017



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