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Earth Wind & Fire Slow Jam Medley

 February 12, 2016

By  Exotic DJ

The Jazz World Maurice White

Earth Wind & Fire Slow Jam Medley

February 12, 2016 – Exotic DJ is back with another tribute. This time, it is the founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, Mr. Maurice White. The music speaks for itself. Since 1969, they have been delighting crowds with their large and colorful stage shows, and you cannot forget one of the best horn sections to ever grace the stage. For me, it is between them and Tower of Power. You cannot go wrong with either.
You can find numerous megamixes out there, but they will be of the uptempo variety. This medley features some of my favorite slow jams.

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  1. This just give me chills . He will be truly missed in my book. You are a SHINING STAR no mater where you are. May you rest in peace Maurice White.

  2. The day he passed I cried! EWF, together with the late, great Grover Washington Jr. were responsible for me abandoning classical clarinet & taking up the sax in 1980 and me still playing “smooth jazz” to this day. Their music embraced chord progressions that were so unique at a time when the “pop music” culture was, and still is, mired in the boring, predictable 1-4-5 chord progression syndrome, and they were not afraid to push the musical envelope in that respect.
    To this day there has not been ANY musical artist in ANY genre that has matched that singular ability to step outside the box in terms of unique chord progressions and shock the trained musical ear with the unexpected! And has been previously said, a horn section that was “WOW” and vocalization in harmonies that to this day has still not found an equal. And if your were fortunate enough to see them live………well……enough said!

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