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Danny Kusz New Album and Tour Dates

 January 5, 2018

By  ExoticDJ

Danny Kusz has a new album release for 2018. It is called PINK! and we are sure it will be as funky as his previous releases. He is from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, so the funk is built into his DNA. If you have not heard his work, check out a couple of his previous tracks:

I thought so….

The album releases May 1st, so we will keep you updated on new information about the project.

Kusz will take the stage this summer in support of the new album, so here are the dates:

  • May 24th – New York, NY
  • May 26th – Rochester, NY
  • June 1st – Dallas, TX
  • June 2nd – Houston, TX
  • June 3rd – Katy, TX
  • June 8th – Birmingham, AL
  • June 9th – Atlanta, GA
  • June 15th – Minneapolis, MN

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