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Daniel Chia Album In The Moment

 March 7, 2017

By  ExoticDJ

Daniel Chia album In The MomentI have said on many occasions that, in some ways, today’s Smooth Jazz can really be classified as the new R&B.   Many of the instrumental artists today blur those lines, and when all of the elements converge; Great songs, talented musicians, and a superior studio recording, you have an album that will resonate with the listener.

In The Moment is the debut album by Saxophonist Daniel Chia, and he is a part of the new generation of Smooth Jazz artists.  If this initial offering is any indication, I believe we will be in good hands.

Produced by Paul Brown, In The Moment is an album that you will keep on standby, in case you really need something smooth after a long day.

In addition to Mr. Brown, Daniel enlists the talents of Darren Rahn and singer Melina.  They, along with the studio musicians that contributed to this project, really make this album go.

Daniel Chia Album In The Moment

Cali Style is the first single and let me just say that it embodies the “Cali Style”…….Laid back!

Full disclosure – I am originally from Cali, so I think I am qualified to speak on the laid back style.

You can check out the video right here:

One thing I noticed about Daniel’s style is that his sax will “sneak up on the groove” at certain points.  As you listen to the tracks, you will understand what I am talking about.

On Retro, Daniel takes us back to a Motown/Stax vibe with the uptempo jam.  It has a nice breakdown where the sax and the organ play off of each other.  I would not be mad if Smokey wrote some lyrics for this!

The mid-tempo-feel-good track is Life’s A Beach.  Pay attention to the guitar and how it vibes quite nicely with Daniel’s sax sounds.

Tender is a slow jam that has a bit of the blues.  This is one of those songs you would hear inside a smoke filled lounge at about 1:30am.  You are tired and ready to leave, but you just cannot get up because this groove is just too good.

Darren Rahn makes an appearance on Just Because.  Even though they are both horn players, you can definitely tell them apart.  This track has definite R&B appeal with a funky baseline that holds it all together.

My favorite song on the album just happens to be the title track, In The Moment.  The hook in this song is very infectious.  It will make you want to make up your own lyrics and sing along.  Paul Brown has a nice guitar solo that only adds to the feeling.

Where Do We Go From Here is the vocal slow jam, with special guest Melina.  Where do we go from here?  I would say…The top of the charts!

You all know that I put together all of the beat mixes that appear on this site.  I am always thinking of ideas on the type of tracks to use and Malibu Drive is a track that will probably end up somewhere in the Smooth Jazz Mix Series.  It just has that type of beat that I like.

Say You Will is a chilled R&B-infused track with yet another great sax performance.  It has a nice guitar solo and a background vocal that will make you sing along until the very end.

This project closes out with Grace.  A slow jam that gives you the feeling that you are headed home.  A fitting track to end the album.

Daniel Chia offers up a solid first effort.  I am sure you will agree as you will be In The Moment as you listen and enjoy each track.  The album drops on April 3rd, so mark your calendars.

More Daniel Chia:  Website  Instagram


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