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D. Brown ‘Hand In Hand’ – LISTEN

 January 18, 2022

By  ExoticDJ

D. Brown is hitting the ground running with the release of his 2nd single “Hand In Hand.”

With his 1st single “A New Beginning” D. Brown let us know that he can make us tap our feet, nod our heads and put a smile on our face with the catchy rhythm & grooves, vibrantly skillful instrumentation and extraordinary solos within the song. With his 2nd release “Hand In Hand” he has smoothed it out and slowed it down

with a memorable melody, an energetic bridge and an outro that will blow your mind.

Listening to the song you feel the percussion and the acoustic guitar steadily propelling the song forward keeping a steady motion throughout. D. Brown playing his nylon stringed guitar beautifully highlights the ebb & flow of the music which takes you on a journey of good vibes and tranquility. Per D. Brown “this song is a musical representation of the horizontal and vertical love relationships we encounter in our lives” and you feel it with every note played.

Check it out below.

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