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Cool Guitars Smooth Jazz EP

 May 9, 2017

By  ExoticDJ


Back in the day when terrestrial radio still dominated the airwaves, several of the radio stations used to release music samplers to showcase specific artists.  In the San Francisco Bay Area, KKSF was the smooth jazz station, and they released quite a few of these samplers.  I really liked those because it gave you a chance to learn about some new artists.

I have not seen those sampler CD’s in years, but our friends over at Sky Town Promotions has released the Cool Guitars Smooth Jazz EP.  With five full tracks and an intro and outro, the EP comes in at a cool 24 minutes.

Ronny Jordan
Ronny Jordan

This is an all instrumental affair, and these talented artists play over some really groovy beats.

This project features U-Nam, Mark Bowers, Ronny Jordan, Mel Davis, dee Brown, Nick Morrison, and Vernon Clark.  

In addition to this project, you will also hear more new music coming soon from some of these talented artists!

dee Brown
dee Brown

You can sample and purchase from your favorite spot!

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