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Christophe Goze Album ‘Reminisce’ Out Now

 September 1, 2023

By  ExoticDJ

Goze says, "With Reminiscence, I embarked on a journey to infuse my music with a fresh acoustic resonance. This album showcases an acoustic soundscape that leans more towards the jazz realm than the lounge ambiance. It retains its worldly essence, yet is enriched with a pronounced Latin flair. The description I ascribe as "Jazzy lounge" truly comes to life within this context. Collaborating with some of the most accomplished musicians in France, this project propelled my music into a distinct "acoustic" dimension. The album exudes a collective band essence, with each track being a testament to this synergy. A prominent presence is that of the exceptional Accordina & Bandoneon virtuoso, Fred Langlais, who graciously shares the spotlight in leads and solos. The rhythmic foundation was laid by bassist Roberto Briot, and the rhythmic tapestry woven by drummers Matthieu Rabate & Laurent Faucheux, all of whom contributed their remarkable talents to the musical tapestry."

Stream the album here

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