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Charlie Wilson Shows February 2017

 January 8, 2017

By  Exotic DJ

Back in the day when Funk was king, you had many bands that cranked out the uptempo songs, but when it came to the slow songs, those same bands were lacking.

One of the only acts that were proficient in both the uptempo and the slow jams, was The Gap Band.  You know the uptempo tracks:  Burn Rubber, You Dropped The Bomb (On Me), Shake, Party Train, and Early In The Morning.

But they also had the monster slow jams:  Yearning for Your Love, Going In Circles, Stay With Me, and the ultimate mid-tempo jam, Outstanding.

Once Charlie Wilson went solo, the hits continued.  Songs like You Are and There Goes My Baby, has just added to the legend that is Charlie Wilson.

Uncle Charlie is not averse to singing on songs by other artists.  Remember Signs with Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake?

Well Uncle Charlie will be on stage in February for the In It To Win It tour, and we have the information here for you.

Special guests Fantasia and Johnny Gill will also be on the bill.


Charlie Wilson Shows February 2017

  • February 8th – Norfolk, VA
  • February 10th – Newark, NJ
  • February 11th – Buffalo, NY
  • February 12th – Washington D.C.
  • February 14th – Cleveland, OH
  • February 17th – Detroit, MI
  • February 18th – Columbus, OH
  • February 19th – Nashville TN


Charlie Wilson Shows February 2017

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