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Candy Dulfer Album ‘We Never Stop’ Out Now

 October 28, 2022

By  ExoticDJ

Give the people an invigorating beat, some swanky sax uplift, and watch the pain melt away. That’s the funky stuff Prince’s former top-choice sax player Candy Dulfer and her band specialize in. The groovin’ Dutch singer-songwriter and saxophonist’s latest album, the aptly titled We Never Stop, is a party platter of stanky jams, silken R&B, jazz, and pop-funk.

Guests on the album include Marcus Miller, Philip Lassiter, Philippe Saisse, and Nile Rodgers.

To celebrate the release, Dulfer has unveiled a music video for “Convergency,” featuring Chic guitarist, producer, songwriter, and three-time GRAMMY Award-winner Nile Rodgers, which includes exclusive footage of Dulfer and Rodgers recording the track in-studio.


1. Yeahyeahyeah 

2. Mo' Seats 

3. Jammin' Tonight 

4. Deeper 

5. Say Something 

6. Raindrops 

7. We Never Stop 

8. The Walls 

9. Perspective 

10. Since I Found U 

11. Afraid for More 

12. No Time for This 

13. The Climb 

14. Convergency

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