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‘California Funk Machine Vol II’ Out Now

 July 23, 2022

By  ExoticDJ

Already back, and this time with a focus completely on the greatest funk of the eighties, comes Volume 2 of the genre defining series California Funk Machine which will be released on July 22nd, 2022 on the Skytown Records label.

Indeed, much like Volume 1, the driving force behind the project is none other than Billboardchart topping artist, Platinum producer and multi instrumentalist Emmanuel “U-Nam” Abiteboul who, since moving to Los Angeles from his native ParisFrance in 2008, his built a reputation for knowing funk like no one else knows funk.

California Funk Machine Volume 2 is not just a collection of music, it is a concept, a style, a coming together of like minded musical brethren to breath new life into some of the hottest funk, disco, soul and jazz funk classics of that golden age otherwise known as the eighties.

U-Nam’s contribution to California Funk Machine Volume 2 reaches far and wide.  As well as arranging both horns and strings, U-Nam also produces and arranges the entire album.  In fact his own prodigious input extends not only to lead and rhythm guitars, talk box, vocoder, bass, Moog bass, Rhodes, clavinet, synth guitar, keyboards, drums, horn programming and editing but also lead and background vocals.

The CFM line-up is completed by The California Funk Machine Orchestra that comprises Maria Grig on violin and viola plus Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva on cello and the California Funk Machine Horns that come courtesy of Joabe Reis on trombone and Christian Martinez on trumpet and flugelhorn.

With real strings and real horns California Funk Machine Volume 2 is the real funk deal and, for the legions of funkateers out there, it will bring the memories flooding back.

For those discovering old school funk for the very first time this is a tremendous place from which to blast off with U-Nam into his very own funkosphere.

The message from U-Nam is clear -  “May The Funk Be With U”.


1. Let’s Groove 5:51
2. Reach Out 7:13
3. Midas Touch feat. Tony Tatum 6:34
4. Rockit 4:01
5. Crazay feat. Marva King 6:56
6. You Gotta Get It 5:24
7. Be My Lady 4:36
8. Can’t Get Over You 5:42
9. The Sound of Music 8:38
10. Number One 7:30
11. Can’t Get Over You (Radio Edit) 4:07

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