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Brian Simpson & Steve Oliver Announce “Unified” for January

 December 19, 2019

By  ExoticDJ

A couple of the Smooth Jazz All Stars are teaming up to release an album. Brian Simpson and Steve Oliver will release Unified on January 17th, 2020.

“I'm an advocate of music healing and bringing people together,” says guitarist/vocalist, composer and producer Steve Oliver. “Let your mind wander along the path these songs take and perhaps you'll have a brighter day, or connect with your deepest emotions,” adds pianist, composer and producer Brian Simpson. Unified, the anticipated new recording from Simpson and Oliver, showcases the chart-topping Contemporary Jazz pioneers’ good will in a captivating set of eleven moving originals. “I have worked with Brian on his last two solo albums and we have such a blast being creative in the studio. We laugh a lot!” The sheer joy that Oliver and Simpson share permeates every note on Unified and is evidenced in their joyous interplay, effervescent grooves and mind-bending soundscapes.

On Unified, Brian Simpson and Steve Oliver enlist help from bassist Alex Al, drummer Eric Valentine and percussionist Ramon Yslas.

Check out the title track below.

The album will feature eleven originals, so it should be fun to see how their styles mesh together.

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