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Brian Scarborough Album ‘We Need The Wind’ Out February 23

 January 27, 2024

By  ExoticDJ

Brian Scarborough is a standout trombonist who has made a mark for himself both as a performer and composer. With music described as “...simultaneously stimulating and accessible, refreshingly modern and rooted in tradition,” (Chicago Jazz Magazine), Scarborough continues his trend of blending tradition with innovation as he presents his second album as a bandleader, We Need The Wind.
Lauded by trombone legend Michael Dease as a recording that “beautifully capture[s]... Scarborough’s attractive tone and vibrant melodic playing,” We Need The Wind once more showcases the brilliantly organic melodies that Scarborough is known for, yet steps boldly into an exploration of new colors and harmonies.
Conceptually inspired by Scarborough’s own restorative healing process as an artist following the COVID-era pandemic, We Need The Wind paradoxically stands as both deeply introspective yet universally appealing.

Autobiographical in concept, We Need The Wind is an emotive, honest album that wears its composer’s heart on its sleeve. Steeped in the earnest feelings Scarborough experienced at the point each composition was created, the album - and its intentional track placement - allows a listener to step into the shoes of the artist as he wrestles with the world changing, begins to understand and hope again, and takes steps to grow ever higher through the experience that had once felt shattering. “Inspired by experiences and emotions felt during the global pandemic, and reflecting upon the state of society and the world at large, this project reflects on my experiences during this deeply troubling time,” Scarborough says. “We Need The Wind documents my journey through this experience and the healing process, personally and artistically.”

With We Need The Wind, Scarborough displays himself candidly and without pretense as a composer and performer capable not only of grandiose creative gestures, but also of the subtle, the infinitesimal, and the immeasurably intimate. It is in this nuanced emotive honesty that the brilliance of Scarborough’s work is
displayed as he cultivates the ability to appeal not just to the head but to the very soul of his audience.

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