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Brendan Rothwell New Album Time On My Hands

 March 19, 2017

By  ExoticDJ

Brendan Rothwell New Album Time On My HandsI have always said that the bass is the essential element in the band.  Why?  Well, it is the bottom of the groove.  I mean, you can have a track without any drums, and if you have a good bassline, the drums become an afterthought.

It is always nice to have a new, talented musician on the scene.  Brendan Rothwell has released his debut album, Time On My Hands, and it has some grooves that you will want to sample.

Hailing from Canada, Brendan Rothwell is an accomplished Canadian composer, bass player, and producer.

“Tutu”, the 1986 album from Miles Davis, was the driving force and as Brendan describes it “a trigger” for his choice to play the bass. The technique, impact and feeling that the great Marcus Miller demonstrated on this album with his own musical mentor, was enough to solidify the decision for Brendan that the bass was his instrumental calling.

Brendan believes in bucking the trend of the bass being in the background, preferring to optimize the tone, scale, feeling and musicality of the instrument. His playing demonstrates meaning and depth, and reaction to his music often reflects astonishment from the listener in the capability of the bass.

Brendan Rothwell New Album Time On My Hands

Track listing

The album opens with an Intro.  This is where Brendan will “wake up the bass,” to give us a little warmup of what’s to come.  If you have never hear a band “sound check” before a show, this is what it would sound like.

This Is The Love is the first track, an upbeat funky track, and as you hear that bassline out in front, you know he means business!  Brendan plays nicely off of the backing vocals that are sprinkled throughout.

Time On My Hands reminds me of an extra long interlude.  If you are spending a relaxing evening at home, play this track as you open your favorite bottle of wine, and you will notice that it will taste that much better.

We pick up the pace just a little with Decade.  If you like your drum and bass on the smooth side, this track is for you.

The King features the acoustic bass, and there is something to be said about creating music in its purest form.  The King captures that.

Smooth definitely lives up to it’s name.  This is a track that will fit right in with the Smooth Jazz sound that is happening right now.

This is a solid first effort from this talented artist.  We are looking forward to more music from Brendan, as he takes his musical journey.


You can sample the tracks and pick up the album here:


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