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Boney James Announces ‘Solid’ for April 17

 February 10, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

“A solid relationship is when someone has your back and will stand by your side no matter what,” explains Boney James about the title of his new CD. “Solid is a word that has a few meanings, but this one really resonated with me and became the theme of the record.”

Solid is the four-time GRAMMY nominated saxophonist’s seventeenth album as a leader and will be released on April 17, 2020.

Sometimes, inspiration is slow in coming, evasive and stubborn. Other times, if an artist is very fortunate, it simply flows, the music practically writing itself. That’s how Solid, the latest release from Boney James came to be. “This record really flowed at an unusually quick pace,” Boney says. “There was a lot of positive energy in making this music. Solidis a very upbeat record. As I was writing them, these songs put a smile on my face.”

All of Solid’s eleven tracks were produced and written or co-written by James. Three songs—“Full Effect,” “Tonic” and the title track—were built from licks played at sound-check by touring guitarist Kendall Gilder on the road in support of Honestly. “I said, hey, what’s that riff you’re playing?” James recalls, “And Kendall said, ‘that’s just something I’m messing around with.’ I got my iPhone and recorded them, then took it home and wrote the songs!”

Take a listen to a couple of snippets to wet your appetite.

Four other songs were initiated by longtime James collaborator, acclaimed writer/producer Jairus ‘J-Mo’ Mozee (Anderson Paak, Nicki Minaj, Anthony Hamilton). One of those, “Be Here,” was ultimately transformed into Solid’s Adult Urban single featuring special guest Kenny Lattimore, best known for his Top 10 R&B hit “For You.”


Says James, “We met at the Soul Train Awards twenty years ago and he said, ‘Some day we need to work together!’ As I was working on ‘Be Here’, I started to hear his voice in my head. I reached out to him and he wrote and recorded the lyrics. It’s such a romantic song and it really reinforced the theme of the record, strong and positive relationships.”

James crafted many of the song titles (“Fresh Air”, “On The Path”, “Tonic)” to play off this theme, “Similar to my last CD Honestly, this new music is a reaction to how stressful the world feels these days. Music is a respite, it’s always ‘solid’ and it never lets me down.”

Take a look at Tick Tock live on stage.

James will perform several dates in 2020. He will be in New York, Dallas, Detroit, and Cincinnati among other cities. Click the banner below to check him out in a city near you.

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  1. Loving the snippets of Solid & Be Here. I know the whole CD is gonna be FIRE just from hearing those samples. I love Boney!!!

  2. This year is Boney’s Year, 2020. These “Snippets” are so powerful as to Boney’s knowledge as a TRUE REAL RAW Talent of Smooth Jazz. I am ready for SOLID! SO-LID,! GET READY BE READY! SIR BONEY IS READY TO BLOW YOUR MIND!

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