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‘Blue’ by Lola Young – LISTEN

 August 6, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Lola Young released Blue, the second song from her forthcoming EP, After Midnight. Accompanied only by piano yet again, Young continues to tell the story of a late-night rendezvous on “Blue,” this time from her perspective during the vulnerable hour of 2:00 a.m. Young co-produced the track with frequent collaborator manuka.

After Midnight, which will be released by Capitol Records on August 20, tells the story of one night in Young’s life, tracing the hours between midnight and 5 a.m. Young moves from feeling confident and in control to gradually becoming more vulnerable and, eventually, entering a manic state of mind, where she leaves nothing on the table. A short film will accompany the EP. Coupled only with her piano, it promises to be Young at her most unapologetic and honest.

Describing the EP, Lola Young says, “My thoughts, my worries, my past lovers and my present ones too, my guilt, my fears, my dreams, wishes and all the crazy ass thoughts I have when the sun rises and I can't sleep for shit. After midnight. The truest form of me."

After Midnight Tracklist:

1.      After Midnight (1AM)

2.      Blue (2AM)

3.      Bad Game (3AM)

4.      Pill or a Lullaby (4AM till sunrise)

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