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Angel Roman & Mambo Blue Album ‘Festive Interplay’ is Out Now

 October 21, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Composer, arranger, and bass player ANGEL ROMAN is an innovative Latin jazz artist who prefers not to tread the well-worn path of past masters of the genre as he blends different Afro Latin rhythms, along with Jazz, Brazilian, Pop, Fusion, Neo-Soul and Funk. On FESTIVE INTERPLAY, Roman fully embraces his talents as an imaginative composer while presenting a program of Latin jazz that is at once very recognizable, but at the same time, quite different and unexpected.

FESTIVE INTERPLAY is the fourth album by Roman and his band MAMBO BLUE. It follows Finally Blue (2015), Mambo Blue (2006), and Con Fuego (2003). The Latin Jazz Network said of his previous CD, “There is no race to be flashy and no gratuitous virtuosity. Just wickedly good music that is both individual and inspired.”

The personnel of Mambo Blue have changed from album to album, reflecting the peripatetic nature of Roman’s life. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Roman currently resides in Austin with past residencies along the way in Boston, Miami, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Nashville. Most of the band members have changed as life took him down many different roads. Roman says, “Wherever I go, I manage to work with the top musicians in that city. I’m honored and fortunate that so many talented artists resonate with my music and want to perform and record with me.”

The current iteration of the band consists of top Austin talent, including JOHN MILLS (flute), PETE RODRIGUEZ (trumpet), JUSTIN VASQUEZ (alto sax), RUSSELL HAIGHT (tenor sax), ANDRE HAYWARD (trombone), DAMIAN A GARCIA (piano & Rhodes), JOEL GUZMAN (piano & synth), NICHOLAD LITERSKI (piano), JOSE APONTE (drums), BRANNEN TEMPLE (drums), ANDY SMITH (drums & percussion), SAMUEL LOPEZ (percussion), CARMELO TORRES (percussion).


1. WHY NOT (6:27)




5. NEVER FAR (5:00)

6. NOT SURE SO SURE (5:36)

7. 3 SISTERS (5:34)

8. THE QUEST (6:39)

9. INDI-GO-GO (ALEGRIA) (5:51)


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