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Allen Carman Project ‘Soft Life’ – LISTEN

 October 31, 2023

By  ExoticDJ

The title “SOFT LIFE” as a general phrase, means “a life without difficulty” and has been used since the mid-1600s. It is akin to “living the good life”, and has evolved into meaning a slower, more deliberate approach to life, focusing on mindfulness, simplicity, and being present in the moment. The “Urban Dictionary” defines it as “setting boundaries, where you make decisions that leave you feeling stress-free and vibrating higher”.

This song evokes the feeling of living the “Soft Life” with its soothing melody and beautiful chord construction, highlighted by the stunning piano artistry of Philippe Saisse who also wrote and co-produced the recording along with Gumbi Ortiz. We hope our listeners will enjoy “SOFT LIFE” and leave them feeling” stress-free and vibrating higher”! - THE ALLEN CARMAN PROJECT

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