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Album Review Just Funkin’ Around By Pieces Of A Dream

 May 23, 2017

By  ExoticDJ

Pieces of A Dream Just Funkin' AroundPieces Of A Dream is back with a new album.  They have always been a favorite of mine, since back in the old days.  Remember the track Fo-Fi-Fo?  That was in tribute to the famous Moses Malone prediction for the 1983 NBA playoffs.  The founding members, keyboardist James Lloyd and drummer Curtis Harmon actually were discovered by Grover Washington, Jr. almost forty years ago!  Being together in the music biz for that long is an accomplishment.

I guess you can call their sound fusion, as all of the instruments get some shine, but you can always count on one thing.  Their tracks are always soulful and groovy.  They have been featured several times in the Smooth Jazz Mix series.  You can check that out here, and also here.

The new release is called Just Funkin’ Around, and I must say that it is another hot one.  The album features all original tracks that you can sink your teeth into.

Album Review Just Funkin’ Around By Pieces Of A Dream

The first track is Right Back Atcha’.  The song delivers that trademark mid-tempo groove that we love so much.  The keyboard and the saxophone play off of each other nicely, and the groove will keep those feet tapping.  This may be a track that we feature on a future edition of the mix series.

The title track, Just Funkin’ Around is up next.  You immediately hear that bassline, and you know it will get funky real fast.  You also hear a little Stax flavoring in there.  What you don’t know about Stax?  Well, you better ask somebody.

Up next is Shaken, Not Stirred.  It does not make a difference whether you like your martini’s shaken or stirred, we can all agree that this track belongs on a film soundtrack.  There are two sax parts in the song, and that works surprisingly well.

They break it down a little bit with Sensuosity.  James Lloyd totally runs those keys, and it has one of those 80’s electro sounds.  Excellent choice for this track.

I really like the trend of adding some EDM elements in the music.  I have written about it at length in other posts.  Fast Lane is another one of those EDM influenced tracks with an uptempo beat.  The title is appropriate, as this is definitely a song to be played as you are riding down the highway.

On The Move is another strong mid-tempo track, and this is one that I want to hear live.  I always say that there are certain tracks that you need to experience live to get the full effect.  Once again, the keyboard takes center stage.  Like a great ad-lib from a vocalist, the keyboard ad-libs are totally on point.

No Doubt  and Let’s Do This are classic Pieces Of A Dream lounge tracks.  On both tracks, the grooves sit right in the pocket.  I would not be mad if each track was ten minutes long.  I guess I will have to settle for five minutes each.

The set closes out with Manhattan, and they may have saved the best for last.  Once again, Lloyd is handling those keys, and it is an all around great song.  I am sure you will love the vibe.

What Can I Do…..I mean, say? Just Funkin’ Around is another winner by this iconic group.  They continue to give us the style of music that we like to hear, and they never disappoint.  They are always current with the sounds, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down.


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