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Album Review For Ty Causey Tyangles

 May 16, 2017

By  ExoticDJ

Ty CauseyThe name Ty Causey may not immediately ring a bell, but I am sure that you know the voice.  Causey actually started out with Najee, as a writer and vocalist on the album Morning Tenderness.  Since then, Causey has been an in-demand vocalist, working with artists such as Norman Brown, Joe Sample and Pieces Of A Dream.

Causey’s first release, N-Tysing, signified the beginning of a smooth soul artist, and every release since, has shown the growth of this talented artist.

The eighth release, Tyangles, showcases Causey at his absolute best.  There are ten tracks and they are all of the smooth R & B flavor.

Album Review For Ty Causey Tyangles

The album opens with Rock With Me.  This is a track that has an old-school sensibility.  It does not hurt that the bassline has an early 2000’s feel to it.  With a title Rock With Me, the track better have a groove that will make you want to move.  It definitely accomplishes that!

Up next is the first single release off the album.  Won’t You Be My Lady is a track that can easily float in heavy rotation on the Contemporary Jazz stations.  The piano riffs compliment Causey’s vocal stylings.  I am also hearing a flute in the background.  It adds nicely to the “live” feel of the instrumentation.

Be A Man About It has a swanky groove that will immediately grab your attention.  It is one of those slow, funky tracks in which the sax part, performed by Matt Cashdollar, almost sounds like a second vocal track.  It’s Not Over Till It’s Over and Let Me Ride are two strong mid-tempo tracks that should be on your party playlist.

Listening to this album, you would hope to hear a Motown inspired track.  Ya Some Kind Of Wonderful fits that bill, and then some.  I had to double check to make sure it was not a remake, as it sounds like a modern classic.

Hot Tonight Medley is a jam for the steppers.  When you feel that your party is losing a little steam, cue up this track and the feel-good vibes will get it back on track.

Causey picks up the pace a little with It’s Crazy.  This is a versatile track that will be right at home on the Adult Contemporary, the R & B, and the Smooth Jazz playlists.

The other slow jam on the album is up next.  We love the vocal arrangement of Let Me In.  Causey sits right in that pocket, and this is a track that I have to put on repeat.  Everyone has specific songs that they need to hear twice before they move on to the next.  This is one of those tracks.

The album closes with My Pinstriped Suit.  There is a simple premise here.  This is a song about being fly.  The fellas cannot be mad at that, right?

Overall, we like the vibe and the feel of the album.  In a time we are getting away from soulful grooves, this is a diamond in the rough.

If you are looking to add some Soul to your musical playlist, I would recommend Tyangles.  The album fills that void that we are lacking in music right now.

Ty Causey Tyangles

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