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After 7 ‘Unfinished Business’ Out Now

 August 20, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

After 7 is back with their fifth studio album, Unfinished Business.

The global pandemic may have brought many things to a halt, but not the musical passion of the R&B group After 7 and their desire to bring their fans new music- a new album that reaches far and beyond their signature style. The first single release, "Bittersweet," was a fresh new take for After 7 and drew in a younger listening audience while still appealing to their loyal fan base. Followed by "No Place Like You", "Extra Mile" and the recently released, "Tomorrow Can Wait".

The album returns with their familiar formula that combines combines love, heartbreak, and celebrations of the heart. Blending their signature smooth R&B style of true love and relationship songs, "Unfinished Business" is the album that will elevate R&B lovers to a different state of mind. The lead single, "Bittersweet," is a song that delves into our favorite subject of Love, Life, and Relationships," shares Kevon. "I am fairly certain that if you live life long enough, you'll learn that you can't have the sunshine without the rain," he adds.

"No Place Like You was inspired by the thought of knowing that you can build a house with all the finest materials in the world with the best of everything in it. But in reality, it's not these things that make a house a home. It's the love from that special someone." mentions the group.

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