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Adam Hawley Announces New Album “Escape” for Feb 28

 January 30, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

The four years since dropping his debut album has been a bit of a rocket ride for award-winning R&B-jazz guitarist Adam Hawley. Six of his seven singles have gone to No. 1 nationally and he deftly avoided the sophomore slump when his second outing further established the artist as a centerstage solo artist. The stage is now being set for the February 28th arrival of “Escape,” his third album and first for his new record label, MBF Entertainment. Hawley produced and wrote eight of the record’s ten tunes featuring collaborations with a constellation of smooth/contemporary jazz luminaries including Rick BraunNajeeMichael LingtonJeff Ryan, Marcus Anderson and Greg Manning


Hawley’s albums adopt themes and as he composed the title cut for “Escape,” he felt transported. That feeling inspired the rest of the music he wrote for the collection.

“When I wrote ‘Escape,’ it really took me away to another, special place. The groove, the vibe…it just transported me to a place of chill and Zen. That became the theme that runs through the entire record,” said Hawley, a Portland,          

Adam Hawley Announces  'Escape'

 Oregon native who has resided in the Los Angeles area ever since earning a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Southern California.   


Anchoring the beats and grooves throughout “Escape,” drummer Eric Valentine and bassists Nathaniel Kearney Jr. and Ian Martin are longtime and frequent Hawley co-conspirators. Percussionist Ramon Yslas adds nuance and Carnell Harrell supplements with vibrant harmonies via his keyboards, organ and synth. 

Hawley’s debut album, “Just the Beginning,” sent three singles to the top of the Billboard chart and earned the guitarist Debut Artist of the Year honors from JazzTrax and Smooth Jazz News. Two years ago, “Double Vision” confirmed Hawley as a consistent hitmaker when he notched his fourth Billboard No. 1 single and collected No. 1 singles on the Mediabase and Smooth Jazz Network charts. Hawley will tour throughout the year in support of “Escape” as his place on concert marquees continues to grow. He’s performed at more than a dozen of the most popular jazz festivals and cruises around the globe as well as at Stateside clubs and theaters. Not long ago, Hawley accompanied and toured extensively with Jennifer LopezDave KozKirk WhalumBrian CulbertsonGerald AlbrightNatalie Cole and “American Idol.” He passes his knowledge along to students at Musician’s InstituteChaffey College and Saddleback College

You can go check out Hawley on tour:

February 1                         Spaghettini                                                    Seal Beach, CA
February 14                      Blu Jazz+                                                        Akron, OH
February 15                      Lin Rountree Valentine's Gala             Detroit, MI
February 27                      Suite Food                                                      Atlanta, GA
February 28                      Tin Pan                                                             Richmond, VA
March 1                              Jerry Green and Friends                         Louisville, KY
March 27                            Earl Klugh’s Weekend of Jazz              Colorado Springs, CO
March 28                            Uptown Music Fest                                    Tampa, FL
May 9                                    Smooth Chicago                                          Chicago, IL
May 23                                 Jazz-Funk Connection                             Colorado Springs, CO
May 24                                 Mayor Jazz Fest                                           Las Cruces, NM
May 29-June 5                 Dave Koz Cruise Voyage 1                     Amsterdam and the British Isles
June 5-June 12                Dave Koz Cruise Voyage 2                     Amsterdam and the British Isles
August 24                           Norfolk Jazz Fest                                         Norfolk, VA
September 13                  Oxnard Jazz Fest                                          Oxnard, CA
October 10-11                Barbados Jazz Excursion                          Barbados
November 6                      Florida Smooth Jazz Weekend              Daytona Beach, FL

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