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Aaron Brown ‘Mr. Jones’ – LISTEN

 March 21, 2022

By  ExoticDJ

Inspired by his mother’s death and his mentor’s massive stroke, R&B/jazz guitarist-bassist Aaron Brown felt a sense of urgency to create new music. As he works on his fourth album that he anticipates releasing in the fall, his BBP Records label has released the lead single, “Mr. Jones."

Brown wrote, produced and arranged the single named after his longtime friend and mentor, Gordon “G-man” Jones. Brown’s sinewy bass leaps to the fore over drummer Gene Faffley’s beats on the cut that features a prominent saxophone lead by guest star Pete Belasco, who admirably carries the melody with impassioned horn play. Dennis Johnson adds keyboard harmonies, embellishing Brown’s nuanced electric guitar. 


Brown’s mother was an amazing 101-years-old when she passed away. Thankfully, his mentor survived the stroke and subsequent brain surgery. Jones always encouraged Brown to go from gigging studio session player and on-stage sideman to band leader. With the two real-life incidents serving as reminders of life’s fragility, Brown got hungry and began to compose new music with fervor. The album will aptly be titled “Resurgence,” which will be issued under the moniker Aaron Brown’s FuBop Collective.


Working on new music provides both a productive and healthy creative outlet for Brown as well as a fortress of solace. As Jones recovers and rehabilitates, working on “Resurgence” serves as a vital connection point for both mentor and mentee.


“Thankfully, G-man survived the ordeal (stroke) with most of his faculties and we continue to spend time together. Working on music keeps him connected to music and keeps us connected at this pivotal moment in both of our lives,” said the New York City-born Brown who resides outside the city in Westchester County.


Brown was a music major who studied performance, composition, arranging and music theory. While attending The City College of New York in Harlem, he learned to play the bass to add to his versatility. Brown dropped his debut album, “Eclectic Sessions,” in 2009. He has recorded and/or performed with a wide array of decorated jazz and R&B artists, including Roy AyersMarcus MillerOmar HakimFreddie JacksonGlenn JonesCarmen LundyLarry Elgart Big BandCharlie Palmieri and the Harlem Boys Choir. Brown was a member of the Columbia Records group Karavan, and fronted his own band, Aaron Brown & Moment’s Notice. Today, he runs Bop Brown Productions where he writes, records, edits, arranges and produces music. 


Just as working on “Resurgence” offers Brown a welcome escape, he hopes “Mr. Jones” will serve a similar purpose for listeners.


“I hope ‘Mr. Jones’ brings listeners peace, tranquility and a few moments of relief from the woes of this crazy world and the crazy times in which we live.”

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