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Jonny Zywiciel Onward & Upward

 November 11, 2016

By  Exotic DJ


Jonny Zywiciel Onward & Upward

After “Time To Heal,” it’s “Onward & Upward” for singer-songwriter Jonny Zywiciel throughout California and across America

SAN FRANCISCO (11 November 2016): While thematically the titles could be tied to the post-election mood of the nation, singer-songwriter Jonny Zywiciel’s (pronounced “Zuh-witch-ul) newly released “Onward & Upward” album, driven by the single “Time To Heal,” doesn’t have a political agenda. Yet the songs that the San Francisco-based troubadour wrote for the disc of originals do have well-timed messages of healing, moving forward, empowerment and hope.


To help launch the record, the 23-year-old soulful pop/rock tunesmith and guitarist completed a lap around California playing a run of concerts throughout the Golden State, including his first solo dates in Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Luis Obispo. Prior to a show in Monterey, Zywiciel taught a class with Guitars Not Guns, a nonprofit charity providing guitars and lessons to at-risk youth in an effort to provide them with an alternative to violence. In the heart of Hollywood, he packed The Hotel Café where a boisterous throng was treated to a set by the artist and his trio showcasing the material from “Onward & Upward” along with a few playful and unexpected covers such as Bill Wither’s “Use Me” and R. Kelly’s “Ignition.” Zywiciel will celebrate the record release back home on December 3 with a concert at San Francisco’s Boom Boom Room where he will perform the album in its entirety followed by a few surprises.


Commercial, non-commercial and college radio stations across the U.S. are spinning cuts and adding tracks to their playlist from “Onward & Upward,” including “Time To Heal,” a song Zywiciel wrote in response to crises that several of his close friends had been confronting such as overcoming drug addiction, fighting cancer and battling other seemingly insurmountable hardships. All of his proceeds from the single are being donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation to aid disadvantaged and at-risk children and young adults through music therapy and music education. The “Time To Heal” video (http://jonnyzmusic.com/time-to-heal) has been viewed over 25,000 times.


“Onward & Upward,” comprised of intimate songs Zywiciel wrote over a three-year span about the heartbreak he endured at the conclusion of his first serious romantic relationship, moving on alone to reestablish his independence and the challenges he faced breaking into the music world, has begun garnering the praise of critics for the collection he produced with Connor Newkirk and Aaron HellamExclusive Magazine wrote, “This album is brilliant, from start to finish and having now listened to it three times through, I have to make you aware of a rarity in this business – this album gets better with each listen.” Keys & Chords added, “On this beautiful disc, we get a mix of all kinds of emotions…great stuff…Strong album you need to play again and again…superb.”


Zywiciel began as a self-taught, versatile guitarist capable of lyrically expressing his feelings, moods and emotions via his HP Guitars France electric guitars. In recent years, he’s developed his voice and honed his songwriting craft. On “Onward & Upward,” he also played acoustic guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes, synth and percussion. He was backed in the studio by Newkirk on bass and Gaitan Gonzales on drums and background vocals.


Recently Zywiciel was invited to sing a duet with Bobby Kimball titled “One Day” for the former lead singer of Toto’s “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” album, which was released in Japan this week.


For more information, please visit www.JonnyZMusic.com.


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