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2017 Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival

 June 28, 2017

By  ExoticDJ

I have not personally been to Delaware in October, but there’s a pretty major jazz festival happening October 12th-15th.  It is called the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival.  They bill themselves as the The Greatest Jazz Festival in the World!  

I have no reason to disagree with them, because the lineup is pretty stellar. Even thought this is billed as a festival, these are separate concerts at different venues, so it is not all-inclusive.  You can pick and choose which shows you wan to attend.

Most of the top artists will be there to perform.  Let’s see who they have on tap:

West Coast JamThursday, October 12th

On Thursday, October 12th, West Coast Jam will hit the stage at the Cape Henlopeon Performing Arts Theater.  West Coast Jam consists of Norman Brown, Rick Braun and Richard Elliot.

If that is not enough, Nick Colionne and Eric Daruis will open the show.

Now that is a great start!

Friday, October 13th

Pieces of A Dream Just Funkin' AroundLalah Hathaway – Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

Pieces of a Dream – Rehoboth Beach Elementary Schoo

Paul Taylor, Brian Simpson & Eric Darius – Rusty Rudder

Saturday, October 14th

Boney James – Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

Peter White and Marc Antoine – Epworth United Methodist Church

Maysa – Rehoboth Beach Elementary School

Steve Cole, Four80East and Matt Marshak – Rusty Rudder

2017 Rehoboth Beach All Stars (Brian Simpson, Boney James, Nick Colionne, Maysa, Paul Taylor, Kim Waters) – Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

Gerald Veasley, Lindsey Webster and Marc Antoine – Epworth United Methodist Church

Peter White, Keiko Matsui and Euge Groove – Rehoboth Beach Elementary School

Steve Cole and Kim Waters – Rusty Rudder

Sunday, October 15th

Larry Graham & Graham Central Station – Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

Peter White, Keiko Matsui & Euge Groove – Rehoboth Beach Elementary School

2017 Grand Jam with Keiko Matsui, Marc Antoine, Euge Groove and more – Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

Closing Party with Eric Darius, Brian Simpson, Four80East and more – Rusty Rudder


Once again, these are individual shows.

Click here for showtimes and to get tickets 

2017 Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival

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